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By applying California’s Great America you may join California’s Great America’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for California’s Great America job postings and apply to any position you like.California's Great America

Open Positions: Ticket Sales Agent, Customer Service Representative, Call Center Representative, Food Service Associate, Foods Warehouse Worker, Janitor, Landscaper, Lifeguard, Market Researcher, Landscaper, Office Clerk, Pool Technician, Ride Maintenance Mechanic, Ride Operator, Security Officer, Alarm Technician, Ride Electrician

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply California’s Great America Jobs: Submit your resume at: or visit Official Site.

Job Opportunities

The amusement park which is called Marriott’s Great America was established by Marriott Corporation on May 20, 1976. Today’s California’s Great America amusement park has depended on Cedar Fair Entertainment Company since 2006. There are 58 different rides and they make customers fascinated. Park has wide range of live environment such as Boomerang Bay Water Park, Planet Snoopy. In addition to that there are many themed events, for instance, Halloween on every October. In this sense, workers play most important role for amusement park.

From the beginning to end of the day, employees should accompany guests therefore, they should be spry and energetic. Seasonal offered opportunities are admissions, rides, security, merchandise, games and guest services. In addition seasonal, there are full-time offered, generally about, business works such as accounting, human resources, marketing and sales. Employers want entertainers seekers to sing a song, dance well, be a costumed characters and be host. California’s Great America welcomes many different age, gender and nation of guests therefore, employees have to communicate each of them well.

Job Offers and Pay scales

California’s Great America amusement park desires that every guests does not forget experiences in here forever therefore, security is the most important thing. Job seekers should be at least 16 years old to apply however, there can be 18 years old requiring in some cases. Employees have to work in weekdays and on evenings, holidays and more crowded times. The park offers many entry-level opportunities for applicant who looks for job in the amusement park. They are listed below:

Ride Attendant: It’s a entry-level job for attendants. Amusement park pays off ride attendants $8.00 to $9.00 hourly. Employers do not want previous experience however, they allocate so much time for training of rider. Ride workers primary job is operation of rides and to prepare customers while waiting. After the landing on they should help guests to leave rides. Security and other regulations are taken responsibility by ride applicants. Ride members also pay attention to clean environment. Please remember, workers are symbolize the company reputation therefore, they should remain funny and amazing ambience.

Admissions Associate: Welcoming and meeting the guests is important thing for California’s Great America park. Admissions Associate members responsibilities start in here. Gestures and facial expressions play important roles while inviting customers into the park. In and out can not take a lot of time also it can be safe. Sometimes, there is a chaos due to crowd at this point, employers expect to members cope with and solve troubles quickly. In addition these duties, selling, collecting tickets and monitoring the all gates are also their duties. If job seekers look for seasonal works, they get an information and then, create identification cards for guest. Also, attendants works in parking areas. Employers do not want previous experience, all of training will be given while working. This position is entry-level job and workers gain $8.00 to $9.00 for each hour.

Costume Character: Theme park looks for vibrant attendants to perform for families. There is funny and dynamic atmosphere when workers act Snoopy and Peanuts. Remember, costumed characters are symbol of company therefore, employers have to audition in terms of skills of acting and dancing. If job seekers have these skills, they will probably chosen. Employers do not pay attention to past experiences however, they want to attenders some specific characteristics such as being a sociable and cheerful. Costume Characters are payed off $9.00 hourly at the beginning but it can change in time based on achievement of animating, for example speaking roles gain workers more money. Lastly, employers expect attendants to maintain funny atmospheres.

Applying Tips

California’s Great America’s job opportunities give attention from job seekers in every and every year. There are based online system therefore, new applicants must create an account then, log into the system by usernames and passwords. Applicants must fill out general application informations to create a profile. System wants e-mail addresses, contact information, previous experience and their education background. Old users do not have to create a new profile but they can update their profile. Job titles are listed and described well in terms of seasonal, full-time and entertainment. Applicant also may contact with human resources services via e-mail. They should send their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letters additional to normal applications.

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