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Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Airline Administrative Support, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Ticket Agent, Ramp Agent, Security Officer, Air Traffic Controller, Baggage Handler, Cabin Crew Member, Maintenance Technician, Aircraft Mechanic, Sales Representative, Facilities Technician, Reservations Clerk, Inspector

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British Airways Job Opportunities

British Airways offers a wide selection of common positions both on the ground and in the air. Those who received education extensively or got kind of a training can apply for jobs like pilot, air traffic controller, mechanic function, and management. However, there is no need for such an extensive knowledge with job offers like flight attendant, baggage handler and customer services agent. One needs to pass a number of assessments such as drug test and an extensive background check in order to get hired.

Even though the newly hired people work part time, there is opportunity to transfer to full hour work through time with experience, company need and tenure. British Airways in UK generally do not hire from outside of UK; however, the company’s partners in other countries hire from different countries, too. Those who might want to work in British Airways can apply for jobs through the company’s website. The company is quite supportive of its employees and pays good salaries compared to the industry.

British Airways Positions and Salary Information

The candidates who want to work in the company must be older than age 18, have a high school diploma or GED. The entry level jobs most of the time require good social skills because one has to communicate with the customers all the time. Moreover, it requires one to be eager to work in a group or teams and he has to have a basic knowledge about the procedure of the airport.

Cabin crew: flight attendants are responsible for the comfort and safety of the passengers and they serve to the passengers through the flight. Moreover, flight attendants also have to check the emergency equipment, lead the passengers inside and outside of the plane and show how to use the equipment on the plane and declare the safety requirements to the passengers. They also make inflight announcements, serve food and beverage and they are also responsible of the paperwork of the flights. flight attendants generally begin to work with 14,00 $ an hour but as they gain more experience and get better, they can earn up to 22,00$ an hour.

Customer Service: Potential employees for customer service should display friendly behavior and they must be careful about the details. Generally, a customer representative greets the customers in the airport, they check the passengers tickets and give them their boarding tickets and they also put stickers on hand baggage. Moreover, a customer service employee must be able to keep track of the flights schedule, ticket prices, and they should know about the terminals and luggage claim areas. Customer service agents generally earn 15$ an hour.

Airport Operations: people who work in this area generally work as baggage handlers and they control the security checkpoints while ensuring the planes are landing and taking off as scheduled. They guide the passengers, check the baggage, load and unload baggage. The workers must be strong in order to lift heavy luggage, they must be willing to help everyone and they must have an understanding of the airports in general and they need to work in flexible hours. A station agent generally can earn up to 12,00$an hour.

Tips for Applying

Potential employees can only apply through the website. Please make sure that you fill the application form honestly and carefully; this can be an advantage for you in the future. The online form can differ from department to department in document length, asked information and about resume and cover letter. Please make sure that you have filled out all the required information with honesty and without any errors.

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