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Having more than 270 locations, Bon Ton has branches throughout the American Midwest, East Coast, and Great Plains regions. With its wide range of locations, Bon Ton has a widespread presence and increased popularity which constitutes the driving factor for customers and job seekers to the company.

Bon-Ton Job Opportunities

Being a national chain of department stores, Bon Ton offers part-time and full-time job opportunities to job seekers. In addition, there are also seasonal positions offered by the company. Bon Ton operates roughly in 25 states and these locations encompass more than 27,000 employees in total. Job seekers who are willing to be a part of this company can consider applying for sales, stock, customer service, and related entry-level positions offered by the company. Most of the mentioned positions involve sales and customer service responsibilities. Employees who are willing to pursue their careers in managerial positions are also required to take part in sales and customer service. The company is looking for employees who are personable, attentive, and direct. Moreover, it is essential for applicants to show that they have the ability to interface with patrons and generate sales consistently.

As for other hiring requirements, Bon Ton requires availability and passion for merchandise from the employees. Employees should know that the retail chain focuses mostly on fashion and home furnishings. During the hiring process, those who are knowledgeable about clothing, accessories for men, women, and children, home decor and furniture, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, and linens are advantageous in gaining employment. This is the case since entry-level positions require employees to explain benefits and uses for products that Bon Ton sells. For entry-level positions, it is really important for employees to be able to stand on foot for long periods of time. In addition, entry-level workers may be asked to perform manual labor including lifting some merchandise or using ladders to retrieve products for customers. Among all other responsibilities, engaging in sales can be said to be the focus point of assigned duties.

Bon-Ton Employment Prospects and Pay Scales

During the hiring process, applicants with wide range of knowledge or background in specific areas of merchandise are advantageous in gaining employment at the company. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Sales Associate :  In order to gain employment as a sales associate at the company, it is required from applicants to have basic math skills. Sales associates are mainly responsible for interacting with customers on a daily basis and performing checkout services at point-of-sales registers. Applicants who have experience processing transactions are preferred by the hiring personnel during the hiring process while Bon Ton also hires individuals with no previous background in the related field. Sales associates are expected to work with multiple customers simultaneously. Moreover, it holds great importance for sales associates to meet company standards of excellent service. At the beginning, sales associates work during the nights, weekends and holidays but over time they move into more traditional hours. As for the salary, they usually earn the minimum wage which can increase to $15.00 or more per hour through time.

Merchandise Support Associate : They are mainly responsible for designing and setting up store layout and displays, the main goal of which is to get attention, and create eye-catching product racks and shelves. Merchandise support associates are expected to work as part of teams and perform duties in quick and efficient manners. As for the working hours, they usually work after hours while they are also offered day, night, and weekend scheduling regularly. Requirements for this position include high school diplomas, creative personalities, and experience in design. When it comes to the salary, merchandise support associates usually earn between $14.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Management : The range of managerial positions include the position of selling supervisor. They are mainly responsible for staffing and training employees. The company requires proven leadership, passion for the company, excellent merchandising skills and effective sales abilities from job seekers who consider applying for this position. Selling supervisors are expected to motivate entry-level workers, open and close departments, and schedule associates. In addition, they are required to maintain strong relations with customers. Another position listed under the title of managerial positions is the position of assistant store manager. There is also the position of general managers which constitutes the top position. Assistant store managers and general managers are mainly responsible for executing human resources, merchandising, analytics, and marketing responsibilities. The position of the selling supervisor can be either part-time or full-time while it is always full-time for general managers and assistant store managers. When it comes to the salary, selling supervisors earn hourly and their wage is around $10.00 and $11.00. It is annual salary for assistant store managers and general managers and it is $110,000 which depends mostly on experience, rank and the location of the store.

Open Positions: Store Associate, Customer Service Representative, Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager-Merchandising, Assistant Store Manager-HR/Operations, Store Manager, Receiving Manager, Human Resources Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

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