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Being a chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants, Bojangles’ concentrates regional operations which is primarily based in the American South. The company has approximately 500 restaurants, every one of which requires employees to prepare food, complete transactions, and keep the working areas clean and organized. With the aim of filling up these positions and meeting the demands of the restaurants, Bojangles’ offers thousands of job opportunities to those who are interested in being a part of this company.

Bojangles’ Job Opportunities

Being a popular southern chain, Bojangles’ is looking for employees who wants a job in entry-level positions which mainly include customer service and food preparation. In order to get a job in entry-level positions, candidates are not required to have a previous work experience in the field. Those who consider applying for one of the entry-level position should keep in mind that they are expected to complete assigned tasks quickly in a positive, friendly, and attentive attitude. Since these positions require constant interaction with customers, Bojangles’ is looking for employees who will be able to perform great communication skills in order to work with the public. Moreover, employees are also required to show willingness to work according to the health and safety standards set forth by the restaurant chain.

Besides entry-level positions, Bojangles’ also offers job opportunities both in full-time and part-time managerial positions. During the hiring process, it is quite advantageous to show motivation and ability to work hard since the company is looking for employees with such features to fill assistant store manager and restaurant manager roles. In order to gain employment in one of the managerial positions, job enthusiasts are required to hold previous work experience in the field. Moreover, they are expected to hold high school diplomas for hiring consideration. While candidates with college degrees have advantage during the hiring process, Bojangles’ does not generally require four-year degrees for store-level positions. There are also extra hiring requirements like at least one year of previous work experience in the field.

Bojangles’ Employment and Pay Scales Information

At Bojangles’, employees are expected to move quickly and work efficiently during the shifts. Applicants should keep in mind that during the hiring process, they will be examined to see whether they have strong work ethics and overall dedication to tasks at hand. At Bojangles’, the most widespread available jobs are generally entry-level positions. There are also full-time entry-level positions offered to the job seekers. Those who want a career in managerial positions can apply for full-time entry-level positions and then it is possible for them to move up to managerial positions. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Crew Member : Regardless of previous work experience, job seekers are able to gain employment as a crew member. Crew members are mainly responsible for preparing foods, ringing up purchases, explaining menus, and cleaning dining and kitchen areas. Employees in this position usually work part-time and they are expected to work flexible schedules. During the hiring process, it is quite advantageous for applicants to state availability of working an open schedule. This statement may gain job seekers preferential treatment. Though it is not a requirement to hold a previous work experience for this position, it may be advantageous to have some culinary experience. When it comes to the salary, crew members usually earn the minimum wage while it is possible to increase this amount to $8.00 or $9.00 with experience.

Management :  At Bojangles’, it is possible for entry-level employees to receive promotions into assistant manager positions. Besides, Bojangles also offers managerial positions to motivated applications. Managers are mainly expected to perform duties like employee oversight, payroll, opening, and closing procedures, cash drawer reconciliation, and inventory. In addition to these, managers are also responsible for the production of food and the general upkeep of restaurant dining and kitchen areas. A manager is expected to act as an administrator who handles duties like hiring personnel and maintaining direct lines of communication with the company corporate offices. As for the salary, it is between $9.00 and $11.00 per hour for assistant managers while it is more than $40,000 per year for restaurant managers.

Open Positions: Crew Member, Shift Manager, Assistant Unit Director, Unit Director

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

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