Bank Jobs & Employment Application

Industry Outlook

The advent of the crisis in late 2000s resulted into a slump in the banking job industry, but for the worst of this crisis has passed, as claimed by most experts and this seems the best time for the catching up period in the sector. During the past years when it was very difficult to land a job in the financial sector, in the USA, about 10000+ jobs have opened up annually for a couple of years by now and this is an indication of a rise in the job market that suffered terribly in many years since the great crisis.

Benefits & Perks

Most of the retail banks allow their employees free time on weekends, holidays and evenings, and employ a shift timing schedule policy. Thus, you get a lot of time to spend with your family and go to work at a time that suits your personal life. Most of the banks also provide greater compensation in terms of sick leave, medical and dental expenses, life insurance benefits and retirement plans as well. You also enjoy vacation benefits as well in addition to being in a well cleaned and organized surrounding as your workplace every day. The work environment, thus, is also lucrative.

Jobs & Positions

The most sought jobs, as per US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the banking industry are tellers, loan officers, investment representatives, auditors and insurance workers. These jobs have been doing well for a couple of years by now earning a salary in the range of 58k and enjoying all the above perks and benefits. As the banking sector is believed to be growing steadily based on a strong foundation the rewards and pay scale can be expected to rise gradually in the following years.

Teller Job

Job Duties

This is the least complicated and the most rewarding job as you get to relate directly with the customers and building a bond with them has its own benefits in the long run. They take cash & cheques, make deposits, and other daily over-the-counter activities. These roles also bring great responsibilities as you go high because you need to train your juniors to look out and hold large transactions or suspicious money movements, which employ risk management skills.

Job Qualification

Many banks also mandate college degree, but you may also be promoted from a teller position. Management skills are preferable for smooth and rapid transitions.

Salary & Compensation

US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms around $24,000 pay for such roles. It is also easy to get promoted to the head teller or supervisory role with less effort than other positions.

Loan Officers Jobs

Job Duties

The role is quite easy if you follow all the necessary steps like background checks etc. before originating loans. Most banking sectors employ mortgage lenders as a mandatory position.

Job Qualification

Some banks only employ college pass outs for lender positions, but many others also allow transitions from teller positions.

Salary & Compensation

They are hefty package guys because they earn annually around $58k according to USBLS. Their income is in the form of commissions from the target achievements and customer conversion.