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From call center worker to personnel bankers, there are too many opportunities that Bank of America offers. In order to apply these jobs, you need to use the company’s website. For the entry-level positions, candidates should only be at least 18-years old and have a high school diploma. However, if the candidate has an experience on similar system, he or she receives much more hiring consideration.

Also, Bank of America is hiring people for the management positions as well. However, experience in this field and education background gain importance for the higher positions. Management positions are not just for the banking system; also it is needed at the customer service offices. Applicants interested in managerial roles should have some skills such as; team management, experience in sales, and customer relations.

Bank of America Positions and Salary Information

As mentioned above, Bank of America needs to find candidates for all kind of positions. The candidates should be passionate about some specifications such as; trading, customer relations, and developing the character of themselves. Having a job at Bank of America could be beneficial for the candidate as well with the higher wages, promotion opportunities, and work packages. Generally, jobs listed below are the highest adverted jobs:

Teller: Tellers are the face of the banks and because of this, they should provide confidence towards to customers and find out what customer needs in short time. Another thing that tellers should do is to attract new customers to the bank. Tellers should be team players, know computer programs such as Excel, and be able to work at flexible hours. For both part-time and full-time tellers, wage range is between $11.00 and $12.00 per hour.

Customer Service Representative: As most of the customer services, for this position computer knowledge is important. Representatives provide for online and phone support for the banking processes such as, online banking or phone banking. This position requires good communication and problem solving skills. Solving the customers problems in limited time will require multitasking as well. Candidates should be ready to work at flexible hours. At this position, candidates can expect between $13.00 and $16.00 per hour.

Personal Banker: Personal bankers have a duty against a bank by providing loans, credit cards, and deposits to the customers. For this position, financial industry experience should be useful however; being friendly and providing confidence towards customers, may give you a chance for this position. Communication skills, financial background, and being sympathetic will be helpful for this position. For full-time personal bankers, hourly payment is up to $20.00 or yearly salary is between $35,000 and $40,000.

Management: There is more than one management position at the banking industry for all customer service departments. Managers duties can be listed as, hiring and training new workers, inspiring the teams that are working for him, tracking the daily reports, understanding the needs of customers and workers and solving the problems of the bank. Generally, management positions require prior experience in related fields and the salary of the managers differs between $40,000 and $70,000 annually.

Open Positions: Sales and Services Specialist, Bank Teller, Teller Operations Specialist, Personal Banker, Mortgage Loan Officer, Assistant Manager, Bank Manager.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Bank of America Jobs: Visit Official Site.

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