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By applying A&W you may join A&W’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for A&W job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Team Member, Service Crew Member, Carhop, Cashier, Cook, Food Counter Attendant, Kitchen Helper, Food Service Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: Yes.  Print A&W application (PDF)

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Career with A&W

The first thing A&W looks in applicants is whether if they are devoted to grow within the company, since it provides chances to grow and rise everyone in company. If an entry level employee can improve him/herself, develop skills and prove him/herself to superiors, he or she can progress into managerial positions.

Entry level jobs in restaurant chain are generally customer care and food preparation. These jobs are available both in part time and full time options but if you want to get a career in supervising, you must agree working full time.

To become a part of A&W restaurant chain, all you need to do is filling up an application form from one of chains stores. If you are really dedicated to get a job in the company, you can search hiring locations on internet. For entry level positions company only take application forms in person into consideration.

Positions and Wages

For part and full time entry level jobs, company do not look for related job history or experience but it is important to have desire to learn, to improve self and work ethics. Also, applicants 16 and over can apply entry level positions. For managerial positions, applicants must bring related work experience and education needed for employment to be taken into consideration. You can find common positions in A&W restaurant chain below:

Cashier: A cashier takes and enters customers orders in computer system. This system has detailed options in order to prepare customers food right and it is really easy to operate. Also cashiers deals with payments. Applicants must have the ability to work with computers and to handle cash. Entry level workers must attach importance to customer satisfaction as a result; a motivated character and strong communication skills are keys to be successful in these positions. At most stores of the chain cashiers also work as carhops which requires to work with rolling skates or running to deliver and take orders from cars. As most entry level jobs, cashiers start working with minimum wage. Increasing experience result in increasing wages, some employees earn as much as 12 dollars an hour.

Cook: cooking is another entry level job which is basically being in charge of the kitchen. Customers orders appear on screens and cooks prepare orders. Grilling burgers, chickens, preparing sandwiches and operating fryers are most of the job but these duties must be done fast and right. During doing these, cooks must pay attention to customers specialized requests and must prepare foods according to that requests. In addition to that major duties, cooks must clean kitchens, working areas and surfaces. Cooks earn average of 10.50 dollars an hour.

Supervisor: Shift leader, assistant manager and store manager are the supervisory roles. Supervisors make sure that customer gets the best service and employees work motivated and with safety. Also supervisors deal with customer problems, hiring and coaching staff members, loss prevention and ordering products. Supervising levels need related experience and wages vary by positions. Assistant managers make changing from 11 to 13 dollars an hour while store managers make in between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars annually.

How to Apply

A&W only accepts applications in person but there are two ways to fill applications. You can go and take form from stores fill it by hand or you can download it from webpage, fill it electronically and print it. Then you need to bring the form to one of the stores.

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