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American Girl Online Application & Career

Pleasant Company came up with the idea of a series of dolls showing various ethnicities accompanied with story books and sold them under the banner American Girl. It began in 1986 and has been growing since. They employ somewhere from 1000 to 5000 employees and generate revenue between 10 and 50 billion annually. The pay scale for sales associate and retail sales associate hovers around $10.5 per hour whereas that of a server is about $6.3 per hour. The former employees portray it as a fine place to work, liberal attitude towards off requests, but the service to customers is always a priority.American Girl

Open Positions: Visual Merchandiser, Accounting Associate, Sales Associate, Sales Analyst, Assistant Store Manager, Stock Room Associate, Human Resources Associate, Auditor, Quality Assurance Analyst, Cashier, Distribution Specialist, Merchandise Handler, Keyholder, General Store Manager

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American Girl Job Opportunities

Ideal applicants get along well with children and encourage them both to play and to grow. The company asks their employees not only to enjoy working but also to maintain professional skills as well. When the retailer guarantees friendly and joyful experiences, a positive manner becomes necessary. The skill of communicating with every people in the family from children to grandparents in an effective way is also crucial for the job. The retailer offers various workforces and work together with the people from all socioeconomic groups.

The specialty retailer has over 2,300 full-time and part-time workers in a year and an additional 2,500 during the holiday season. Most of the job-titles have both part-time and full-time opportunities. Customer service positions are the most common roles, and there are various opportunities in the store. Work in sales, hair styling, event planning, and serving may attract beginner workers’ attentions. Retails who have been working for a long time may be interested in leadership roles.

Job Opportunities of American Girl and Pay Scales

For both an ideal employer for beginner-level workers and experienced professionals, American Girl offers rewarding jobs which have potential to grow. The specialty retailer brings forward perfect coverage with opportunities to earn more based on performance for keeping team members positive and productive. While beginner-level workers are enjoying the quality of hourly pay, experienced professionals are getting salary which is depended on competition. Workers may get benefit from merit increases, bonus programs, recognition rewards, and equity boosts additionally to standard pay. Some prevalent jobs in the retail store are:

Sales Associate– American Girl sells experience under the position of Sales Associate. Sales Associates are required to be in an interaction with children in a fun and positive way. Besides this, sales associates need to make each child experienced specially.   Ringing up purchases on POS systems, stocking products, and maintaining clean and organized sales floors are their standard duties. The brands which want to hire  sales associates look for the people who enjoy public speaking and display warm and friendly attitudes. Sales associates generally get between $9.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Doll Hair Stylist – Doll Hair stylists work in hair salon of American Girl and they provide expert styling service to customers. Children make their decision among various styles. Stylists must use proper hair care techniques to cover company standards and satisfy expectations of each child. Dolls which have damaged or missing hair are considered “well loved” at the store and they must be taken care meticulously. Some creativity might require going into processing a good-looking style. Except styling, stylists should take care of inventory salon supplies and stock areas. A doll hair stylist averagely earns about $10.75 for one hour.

Loss Prevention Associate – Loss Prevention Associates are responsible for preserving the properties, merchandise and cash of the store and building safe environment both for customers and team members. Loss prevention associates observe digital closed circuit TVs and apply security and loss prevention procedures which have been set out by the company to guarantee treasure protection.  Loss prevention associates should have interpersonal and teamwork skills. The average pay for a loss prevention associate is about $11.00.

Management – Management roles consist of assistant manager and manager. Managers are primarily responsible for guarantying that guests get quality service, leading associates, and observing sales and finances. Managers generally must have three or more years of retail or customer service experience. Besides this, managers should be proficient with POS controller systems, e-mail and inventory software. As a requirement of brand, managers should have high school diplomas, and the brand prioritizes hiring workers with fashion merchandising or business degrees. Base pay for managers is $10.00 or $11.00 per hour, with tenured employees under store manager titles taking in over $60,000 in annual salary with experience.

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