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American Airlines Online Application & Career

It is certain that presently American Airlines serves as one of the largest US based airlines. The company provides with air services to over 350 global destinations. Over the period of time it has managed to increase its workforce to over 900,000 vacancies and with its increasing popularity more are added on daily basis.

Legal working age limit is 18 years. The Airlines is open seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Being an Airline agent they need regular supply of CSR’s, Baggage handler, Fleet agents, Flight attendant, Pilot and co-pilot, Flight engineer, Maintenance officers and staffs, Technical persons and assistants, Supervisors, Managers, Tower control officers, Facilities and finance managers, Aircraft routing and taxing staff, instructors, leaders etc.

If you are looking around for jobs at American airlines then you may have to be prepared for job interview, background verifications and drug tests. It is important to get familiar with all requirements of the employers. In some cases you may also have to produce professional certifications and courses.

Even after submitting your application it may take some time before your employers contact you. You can try and contact the HR team via email or walk in personally at the Airlines office. In general, airport visits should be avoided.

The fact is this company offers its employees with best job benefits and package. You may get opportunity to travel the world at discounted rate. Apart from this you are also entitled for Insurance coverage, medical benefits, profit sharing, retirement plans and job benefits.

American Airlines Job Opportunities

American Airlines offers employers with multiple job opportunities with benefits and best pay scales. You can look around for job opportunities in aviation and engineering field along with support and entry level jobs. You can also apply to join as flight attendants and crew members.

You need to display your best communication skills along with efficiency to work for long hours. You may have to work as manual labor under different weather conditions. Your chances of getting selected increases if you are willing to put in your efforts and are self motivated. Your positive attitude will always be considered as added advantage.

Job information and salary package

Even before you get appointed it is certain that you may have to undergo tough selection procedure. You need to have at least 10th grade school certificate, GED or diploma. Following are the job positions available very often:-

Airport CSR – they have to offer customer service and assistance to passengers at gate and airport area. Their main job functions including baggage tagging, selling tickets, flight booking and assisting passengers to the fight. Working hours may be flexible in shifts and salary may start from USD 13 for each hour.

Clerk Fleet service – You may have to work on part time basis and your job may include taking care of baggage on and off the flight. They also maintain the condition of the aircraft. You may also be assigned with duties of fuelling and de-icing aircraft. You may have to work in shifts and your salary may start from USD 14 every hour.

Flight attendant trainee – To apply for this position your age should be 20 years. You may also have to undergo training sessions for at least 6 weeks without pay. You shall be offer with job in your base city. You may have to take care of safety features in flight and provide passengers with drinks and snacks. Your salary may be around USD 41,000 yearly.

Work Facts of American Airlines

Age Requirement:

  • At least 18 years old

Zales Working Hours

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open Positions

  • Customer Service Agent, Fleet Service Clerk, Baggage Handler, Flight Attendant, Pilot, Dispatcher, Technical Assistant, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Supervisor – Supply Services, Tower Manager, Senior Engineer/Facilities Maintenance, Finance Manager, Staff Assistant, Technician – Aircraft Routing, Operational Excellence Leader, Instructor, Maintenance Worker/Engineer

Printable Application PDF/Form: No. 

How to Apply American Airlines Jobs: Official Site


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