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By applying Allied Cash Advance you may join Allied Cash Advance’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Allied Cash Advance job postings and apply to any position you like.Allied Cash Advance

Open Positions: Customer Service Associate, Loan Specialist, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager.

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Allied Cash Advance Job Opportunities

Allied Cash Advance, with over 150 branches in six different states, served with a single branch in Northern California when it was established. The company, which is known for its safe, fast and easy cash, maintains these features since its establishment in 1999. The company offers cash advances for people who do not want to pay the fees collected by banks, public utility companies and other service providers.

You can see responsible employees, successful public relations, passion and team work in every branch of the company. Allied Cash Advance, which is already a big company to ensure profitability for community participation or shareholders, grows steadily by protecting the peaceful work environment. Employees form the backbone of the company’s success. There is always a workplace culture full of respect, development and fun.

The company knows the value of each employee and wants to play a role in the development of the company. Managers usually start in entry-level customer service representatives. Continuous trainings allow entry level employees to be assistants, store managers and even regional managers. Members of the team must be willing to serve their customers and meet their needs regardless of what is requested and they should do their jobs with passion. Competitive fees are paid to employees and a comprehensive career gain is provided. At the same time employees reward for the best performance.

Allied Cash Advance Salary and Career Facts

Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent at the time of application. Applicants must have a driver’s license and must be at least 18 years old. Employees must occasionally roam between other offices. They are also expected to come to work on time. They must have a personal car to make it easier. Those who want to pursue a career in this company can find jobs in the following positions:

Customer Service Representative – Employees with 1-year experience in customer service receive a salary of approximately $ 9 to $ 10 per hour. Employees who have achieved superior leadership in customer service and employees who regularly reach sales targets will ensure the successful progress of their careers in this company. The duty of the employees in this department is to meet the customers. They should also be in perfect communication and empathy with the customers in the process of cash advance.

While introducing the products offered by the company, workers are obliged to use existing marketing methods. The employees’ tasks are also to answer the phone and answer the questions. And they may also need to make courtesy calls to the customers to remind them of appointments. Basic responsibilities such as keeping the working environment always clean and helping the shop always look good are the responsibilities that workers should take. It is important for this department to be able to undertake more than one task and be on time to work.

Store Manager – Store managers who are obliged to undertake the responsibility of the shop, work in a comfortable working environment. The main task of this department is to deal with the employees and customers in customer service, to follow the products and to lead the workers. Administrators listen to customer complaints and try to resolve disputes and complaints as soon as possible. Every employee in the store is expected to fulfil all responsibilities to the customers and other employees. To be able to successfully perform basic and advanced operations in the bank and to perform opening and closing transactions of the bank are the skills required for advanced positions.

Managers should also make personnel planning, supervise training and interview for potential recruitment. The annual salary ranges from $ 29,000 to $ 32,000 per year for employees with one year of management and three years of customer service experience. Computer knowledge, time management are among the basic skills required. Administrative candidates are expected to have valid driver’s licenses and personal cars.

Application Tips

Business applications made through a career portal enable applicants to find jobs that match their potential openness, experience and level of education. New users should create new profiles with their email addresses and passwords. Applicants must provide a resume containing information such as previous experience, level of education and home address. Candidates can apply directly to local stores and ask to speak directly with recruitment managers, thus accelerating the process. Depending on the request, bring with their resume and necessary documents will be in their favour.

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