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By applying Allegiant Air you may join Allegiant Air’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Allegiant Air job postings and apply to any position you like.Allegiant

Open Positions: Station Agent, Customer Service Agent, Flight Attendant, Baggage Handler, Cabin Crew Member, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Ground Control/Maintenance Worker, Manager of Station Training, Shift Manager, Manager of Public Relations, Engineer/Maintenance Technician, A & P Mechanic, Inspector, Maintenance Controller, Manager of Airport Affairs, Director of Material Services

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Allegiant Air Job Opportunities

Allegiant air’s first priority is providing casual flights to the small areas. And small areas usually didnt target by bigger companies. Allegiant Air also use smaller airfields, and determines ticket prices based on aviation fuel prices. Allegiant Air makes ticket prices cheaper with that way. Allegiant Air’s employees must like working with teams, with public. Also employees need to like traveling. Airline industry arranges by federal laws. Because of that, extensive background check and regular drug tests are essential for hiring.

Allegiant Air has entry-level part time job opportunities and also career focused full time job opportunities. Entry-level job positions are; call center employees, customer service agents, baggage handlers and flight attendants. Hiring requirements are usually minimum age, highschool diploma and experience working with people. The firm gives priority the employees who has experience in airline industry before. For career focused positions like pilot, mechanic, air traffic controller and direct supervisors, hiring requirements can be different. Such as older age, better education level and more experience in airline industry.

Positions and Salary Information for Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air are looking for mostly 18 years old based young employees, but other positions may require more quantities. In certain situations, flight attendants need to be older than 21 years old to apply based on state or federal laws. If applicants have  highschool diploma or equivalent then they can apply the following positions:

Customer Service Agent: A customer service agents always get in well with customers, provides every need for customers and has to be positive all the time. Customer service agent’s duties are checking tickets, baggages, assigning seats. Customer service agents must provide informations to the customers about the flight’s properties. A customer service payment typically 9-10 dolar per hour.

Flight Attendant: One of the most important thing for the flight attendant is providing security and comfort for all customers and other employees on the plane. Before the flight starts and until the flight is over, a flight attendant has to take care of all the requests and needs come from customers on the plane. A flight attendant must be carefull about details, be able to work as team, and have extensive communication skills. Depends on the experience and qualities, a flight attendant can earn 20-30 dollars per hour.

Baggage Handler: A baggage handler needs to do multiple duties. Such as providing customer service, checking tickets and baggages, monitoring bags and loading/uploading baggage onto and off to aircraft. Also be able to work at different weather conditions, holidays and varied shifters. Baggage handler can earn approximate 10 dollars per hour.

Tips For Applying

Applicants can use online application forms on the company job portal which provides applying multiple positions, upload resumes, answer hiring questions, and determine preferences. An application form takes approximately 30 minutes to full up. Applicants must answer all the questions correctly or dishonest answers can disqualify.”

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