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By applying Albertsons you may join Albertsons’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Albertsons job postings and apply to any positions you like.albertsons

Work Facts of Albertsons Grocery Stores

Age Requirement: At least 16 years old

Albertsons Grocery Stores Working Hours: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Open Positions: Courtesy Booth Clerk, Bakery Sales Clerk, Butcher Block Clerk, Service Deli Clerk, Lobby Clerk, Drug/General Merchandise Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Cashier/Checker, Department Manager, Assistant Store Director, Store Director, Buyer, Accountant, Supervisor, Computer Operator, Inventory Control Coordinator, Human Resource Specialist, Dispatcher, Quality Control Inspector, Warehouse Order Selector, Driver, Maintenance Mechanic, Sanitation Janitor, Warehouse Worker, Truck Shop Service Person

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Albertsons Jobs: Official Site

Career with Albertsons Grocery Stores

Albertsons Grocery Stores is one of the largest supermarket chains in North America and offers managerial and career opportunities which come with lots of job benefits. Managerial positions promise professional development and come with hourly pay or annual payment options. Applicants looking for long term careers and have qualifications that job demands may apply entry level positions too; since the company chooses to promote qualified entry level employees.

Company offers lots of entry level positions with different work settings and responsibilities and has a lot of job opportunities; such as general cashier, courtesy clerk jobs and departmental positions. Albertsons wants its entry level employees to work flexible, part time schedules and generally restricts full-time hours to higher-ranking or long-tenured employees.

Positions and Payments

Most entry level jobs require being at least 16 years old. Other managerial and professional positions may demand other qualifications and different age criteria. Some positions are listed below:

Cashier – New associates mostly work as cashiers. This positions also a great part time opportunity for high school and college students.  Cashiers’ main duties are reading the barcode on purchases, explaining sales or special promotions and cleaning the work stations. Also cashiers may fill up or assist other co-workers when needed.

Albertson Grocery Stores do not ask for any related work experience for cashiers. Company wants to hire applicants with open availability, outstanding math skills, outgoing personalities and time management abilities. Employees must stay calm and effective when store is crowded with fussy customers. Cashiers start with minimum wage and hourly payments and may even earn up to 37,000 dollars annually due to performance and experience. Also full time workers get extensive healthcare and benefits.

Courtesy Clerk – Courtesy clerk is another entry level job position at Albertsons Grocery Store. Main responsibility is watching the store by monitoring cashiers, baggers and being sure that everyone remains on task. In addition, employees handle returns and other problems while communicating with customers.

Sometimes employees may count out cash drawers and tills during cashiers’ shift change. In order to do that, applicants need to possess basic math skills. Knowledge about store procedures and policies bring applicants more hiring consideration. This position can be applied in full time and part time options. Mostly courtesy clerks earn 8 to 12 dollars for an hour and company offers paid vacations, direct deposit and discount.

Grocery Clerk – grocery clerk is another entry level position and mostly chosen by high school and college students, part time job seekers and retirees. Applicants do not need to have any experience and must practice health and safety regulations in employee handbooks. Main duties are stocking shelves, bagging groceries, helping customers to carry purchases to vehicles and giving the best customer service. In addition, assisting co-workers when needed, keeping daily inventory, unloading shipments, proper storage and handling of food are other duties of grocery clerks.

As cashiers sometimes grocery clerks communicate with customers to explain company policies, procedures, services, sales and special promotions. Company looks for friendly, punctual applicants with written and verbal communication and great organizational skills. Newly employees get one to two week of training. Grocery clerks start with minimum wage and hourly payments. Payments increase due to experience and job performance. Qualified grocery clerks get medical, dental and vision insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, employee-assistance programs, paid vacations, sick pay and personal days.

Manager – Managers in Albertsons oversee store operations and perform both administrative and supervisory functions. Tracking sales, checking inventory levels, managing promotions, preparing work schedules and keeping the customer service at high level is all main duties of managers. Also hiring, developing and training process of new employees are under manager’s responsibility. Albertson offers managerial job opportunities as department managers and general store managers.

Both managers must have at least high school diplomas but sore managers may need more educational degrees. Applicants should have managing related experience – would be better if experience is related with supermarkets-, leading characters, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Also applicants must have full time work and open availability. Albertsons department managers earn about 60,000 annually. The payment may increase due to work performance and experience. Qualified workers enjoy medical, dental and vision insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacations, sick pay, personal day, discounts and performance bonuses.

How to Apply

Applicant need to value customer service. Also, applicants need to possess the demands of positions and should take all the time they need while preparing hiring documents. Grocery stores typically hire individuals showing dedicated attitudes and flexibility in scheduling.

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