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A’GACI Online Application & Career

A’GACI is a lifestyle brand that plays for young fashion lovers and walks according to their own heart desires.A'GACI


Career with A’GACI

There are a lot of fashion consultant jobs in shoes and clothes available in A’GACI for entry level. These jobs involve operating POS systems, keeping stores clean, replacing the wares’ shelves with new goods and helping customers. Since the job is simple and easy, it requires no background of fashion industry. However social, outgoing and motivated character is the key to be successful in this career option. A’GACI wants to work with people who are familiar with promoted work cultures and can easily speak with clients. These skills are stated in the company website.

For more experienced applicants, A’GACI has managing and corporate positions. Ability to lead people is what is looked for managing positions as they have to lead minimum 15 to maximum 50 employees. Also, manager must be sure the team puts on the best customer service. At least one year of managerial or related job history is needed for upper level positions. If you are interested you can find the employment positions and submit applications on the company’s website.

Positions and Wages

A’GACI positions vary from fashion consultants to managing positions. Applicants can submit applications for full time or part time for entry level positions but managing positions requires full time working hour. There are available career options for applicants 16 and over online. Also you can find positions available in A’GACI below.

Fashion Consultant – Consultant job involves either selling shoes in footwear departments or general clothing sales. In addition fashion consultants have to keep stores clean, answer customer’s question, preparing store’s showcase and operating cash registers. Consultant must help customers to shop with right fashion advice. They are also liable to find or to order what client wants. To do these tasks easily, it is important for employee to have friendly and pushing attitude. In order to help clients with right choices and product, employee must know about fashion and sales. This position’s salary starts with minimum wage; sometimes some employees may get up to 9 dollars an hour.

Management – Management positions such as supervisor, co-manager and store manager are available online to apply. Floor supervisors lead and assist shop consultants, deals with loss prevention and make 8 to 10 dollars an hour depending on experience. Co-managers are in charge of hiring and training new employees, open and close store locations, inspect daily sales and ensure that store gives best customer service. In addition to these daily tasks, co-managers may need to attend weekly meeting and discuss with store managers to provide communication throughout stores. Store managers create strategies to increase sales while recruiting members, dealing with loss prevention and performing payroll duties. Co-managers and store managers make annual payments from 25.000 to 35000 dollars depending on the job title.

How to Apply

To become a part of A’GACI family, job seekers can submit an application easily on the company webpage. After clicking on careers tab on homepage, applicants can see open positions and apply the ones they desire. During application process applicants must give personalized information including their contact information in order to answer questions of managers. This whole process may take 30 to 60 minutes.

Work Facts of A’GACI

Age Requirement: At least 16 years old

A’GACI Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30 – 21:00 Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

Open Positions: Assistant Manager/Co-Manager, Buyer, Buyer Merchandiser, Fashion Consultant, Floor Supervisor, Manager, Office Assistant, Packer/Receiver, Retail Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply A’GACI Jobs: Official Site.

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