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Adecco Staffing Online Application & Career

By applying Adecco Staffing you may join Adecco Staffing’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Adecco Staffing job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Recruiter, Staffer, Branch Manager, Area Manager, Account Executive, Consultant, HR Representative, Marketing Business Analyst, Payroll Officer

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Acme Markets Jobs: Official Site

Career with Adecco Staffing

In addition to finding jobs to people in need, Adecco also is a great place to work. Company looks for applicants who have multitasking skills, friendly and team player attitude and can take extra initiative to ensure finding positions for the workers. Also applicants with mediation, counselling or managing experience are one step ahead from the others for employment.

Adecco has branches in more than 60 countries. Thus it provides jobs in dozens of industries. Many of the positions available through staffing companies are part-time schedules for terms of one, two, three, or several months at a time. There are also full-time jobs. However, staffing may change as each industry experiences growths and shrinkages.

Finding Jobs with Adecco

The companys aim is to find job for people who are currently not working. Most of the jobs that the company finds are temporary and contract jobs with part time or full time options. Adecco works with big, global companies. These companies may be looking for employees in contract jobs but they sometimes promise full employment after some time.

Positions – Large companies usually want employees for term projects to collect and analyze data and to maintain operations. In addition, smaller companies and sometimes even branches of federal, local, and state governments also use the staffing company.

Schedules and Wages – Shifts and salaries change due to the company and the position. Usually manual labour jobs come with irregular and erratic schedules, while corporate jobs are usually temporary and come with steady schedules. Temporary entry level positions earn about minimum wage but temporary managers earn about 10 dollars for an hour. For longer term jobs, companies may offer annual salary options.


Although the jobs are temporary, they still require resumes and application forms. Adecco offers pre-employment test to find better suited jobs for individuals. Applicants should meet with staffing counsellors more than once in order to find well- payed jobs in the desired field. Individuals will find job easier if they remain open and opinionated about the type of the work and salary expectation.

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