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Career with Acme Markets

Acme is a home for applicants who are looking for entry level positions. Individuals who are looking for work in grocery should apply immediately. The company offers positions in general labour, departmental and customer services. Most entry level jobs require standing on foot for a long time. Stock jobs and some other departmental positions may require regular manual labour, such as heavy lifting, sorting, and organizing.

For the ones looking for managerial positions, Acme Fresh Markets offer long term managing jobs with steady salaries. Managing positions vary in part time and full time. The completion of application process takes about a week. Applicants with references and applied in person gain more hiring consideration.

Positions and Wages

Most entry level positions require being at least 16 years old and having no experience. Company looks for applicants who have friendly attitude, well attire. Applicants need to be shaved and have a good appearance. Common positions are:

Cashier/ Checker: Position includes taking customer purchases, price-checking items and returning unwanted products to store shelves. In addition, employees must give the best customer service by answering their question, leading them through shelves and finding their needs. Cashiers/ Checkers earn from minimum wage to 9 dollars for an hour. Due to the work performance, salary may increase.

Clerk: clerks work directly with customers and they are divided departmentally such as grocery clerk, drug/general merchandise clerk, lobby clerk, deli clerk, courtesy booth clerk, and butcher block clerk. Some positions, such as deli and butcher employees, may require health and safety standards. . Common duties of clerks are organizing products on shelves in an assigned department, assisting customers, cleaning, and performing general maintenance when necessary. Some clerks may start with 9 dollars for an hour but most entry level positions start with minimum wage. Experience and work performance may create changes in salary.

Management: managerial positions usually come in full time with Acme Fresh Markets but applicants may find part time managing positions as supervisors and weekend managers. The most important and common duty of managers is customer satisfaction. Also maintaining and increasing sales, hiring on help, training new-hire workers, scheduling associates, and ordering products and supplies are other duties of managers. Supervisors start with 12 dollars for an hour while assistant managers earn 55,000 annually. Store managers make 65,000 to 70,000 annually.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online by filling forms and submitting on the portal. Applicants must gather all hiring documents, reference contact information, education and job histories. Applicants should check on everything before sending.

Open Positions: Cashier/Checker, Grocery Clerk, Drug/General Merchandise Clerk, Lobby Clerk, Service Deli Clerk, Butcher Block Clerk, Courtesy Booth Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Store Director, Store Director, Asset Manager, Distribution Office Worker, Distribution Warehouse Worker

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Acme Markets Jobs: Official Site

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