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Ace Hardware Online Application & Career

Ace Hardware Corporation has grown to become one of the nation’s leading retailer owned cooperatives with more than 4,500 domestic and international stores and 14 U.S. distribution centers. Our annual retail sales of $13 billion rank Ace in the top 25 of all U.S. retailers.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Retail Sales Person, Delivery Driver, Assistant Manager, Backroom Coordinator, Department Manager, Receiving Clerk, Loss Prevention Officer, Retail Research Specialist, Loss Prevention Supervisor, Store Manager, Material Handler, Retail Training-Program Manager of Customer, Management Specialist, Warehouse Supervisor, Corporate Communications Manager.

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

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Career with ACE Hardware

Some hardware retail chains choose to divide store locations into several different departments and ACE Hardware is one of them. Employees in each department have certain tools, equipment and products and they must know how to use in addition to general knowledge about hardware industry. Company wants to hire applicants who can solve clients’ problems and give sound recommendations according to clients’ needs. For entry level jobs, managers usually do not look for any related experience but applicants with interest in hardware sales, customer service and experience are one step ahead from the others. Like most of the hardware stores, ACE may need its employees to work at nights, weekends and holidays. Thus applicants must be okay with irregular shift schedules. Part time, entry level employees can have more stable schedules. Other benefits of working in ACE Hardware are discounts on products and packages.

Positions and Wages

ACE Hardware asks for high school diplomas or GED’S and does not hire applicants who are not 18 or over. Applicants must be able to work in a team and must have knowledge about the equipment. Some common positions are listed below:

Cashier: cashiers work in part time and with the minimum wage. Operating cash registers, organizing work stations, helping customers are the daily duties of cashiers. Applicants must be able to stand on foot for long hours, remain good health and lift up to 50 lbs. Sometimes store may need cashiers to help sales and stock duties.

Sales Associate: employees need to be friendly and attentive in order to be successful, since most of their duty is with customers. Also employees sometimes may be in need to stock shelves with products, fill in cashiers. Applicants with sales skills take more hiring consideration than others. Sales associates can work in full time or part time and earn about 10 to 11 dollars for an hour.

Management: to get one of ACE Hardware managerial positions, applicants must have managerial experience or must prove managing abilities. Entry level managerial positions are head sales and cashier jobs but employees may promote to assistant store and store manager positions. One of the most important duties is supervising the staff. In addition, managers track and report sales data and enforce company policies. Also assistant store managers and store managers place orders and track shipments. Head cashiers and sales associates start with 10 dollars for an hour and upper level managers earn about 20,000 to 35,000 annually at the beginning.

How to Apply

Because of divided departments and different positions on each store, applicants should go one of the stores and check on current openings. If you want, you can call or email to each store to find out about opening positions but the company share available positions online.

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