Ace Cash Express Job Application

Ace Cash Express Online Application & Career

By applying Ace Cash Express you may join Ace Cash Express’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Ace Cash Express job postings and apply to any position you like.

Open Positions: Service Associate, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply California’s Great America Jobs: Visit Official Site.

Career with ACE Cash Express

Because of turnover rates and rapid company expansion, ACE Cash Express always has job openings. For starters, finance business can help to create work history but for experienced applicants, there are lucrative positions with good chances of improving. ACE keeps on growing nationally and it creates easier access to jobs.

Employees typically work independent from co-workers and without supervision. The company looks for responsible applicants to perform sales and customer service duties. Applicants should be comfortable with working alone and directly handling client needs by self. Applicants with related job history gain more hiring consideration.

Positions and Wages

Applicants looking for entry level jobs can easily find what they are looking for in ACE Cash Express. Also there are part time and full time options. Some frequently opened positions are listed below:

Service Associate: service associates work directly with customers by providing financial services. Primary responsibilities are handling cash and fulfilling clients needs from enclosed service booths. Also filling reports, verifying monetary amounts in safes, and performing risk analyses on clients before approving loans are every day duties of service associate. To become service associate new employees need to take the on-the-job training program. Applicants need to be able to work up to 12 hours and to have retail experience and elementary arithmetic skills. This position earns about 10,75 dollars.

Centre Manager: centre managers are responsible for personnel and service operations. Managers work directly with clients but also safety and security of the store, maximizing profits and managing inventory are their other responsibilities. Employees sometimes may be in need to lift up to 25lbs and stand for prolonged periods. High school diplomas or GED’s and at least one year of job history in the financial services help applicants to get the job easily. Centre managers earn about 13 dollars for an hour.

How to Apply

The company hires applicants 18 and older. Although there is an online application form, getting printed hiring documents and bringing resume to one of the locations have a lot of benefits for applicants. ACE Cash Express wants employees with basic math skills, finance savvy, and previous customer service experience. Applicants need to know that company wants its employees to be available on call all the time.

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