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ABC Fine Wine And Spirits Online Application & Career

Founded a long back in 1936, ABC Fine Wine And Spirits, has established itself as a reputed retailer and is still headquartered in Florida. They have 14 stores, as of 2015, which support over 1000 employees, including both full-time and part-time people. Their annual revenue was almost $500 million last year. Employees find it a fun place to work and the company also provides a decent pay for hourly jobs ranging between $9.2 and $10.5 that it almost 25% more hourly pay than other retailers. Most job applications target positions like Sales Associate, Shift Manager, and Assistant Manager as they offer a good balance.


Career with ABC Fine Wine and Spirits

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits provides liquor to most of Florida. The company keeps on growing by opening new locations and hiring new employees. At the beginning, a new worker in ABC starts working part time and through time, if he or she proves him/herself, he/she can move up to working full time in other positions. To do this, applicant must remember that the company works closely with clients and friendly attitude is the key to be successful. Also gaining knowledge about products, taking interest on company workers such as knowing their names and being friendly to them and learning sale tactics are steps to promotion. During the day, most of the employees generally steer clients to the right and desired product, so employees also must have good remembering skills.

Positions and Wages

The company has more than 150 stores and more than 1400 available positions. Thus individuals looking for managerial or entry level jobs can find a suitable position in ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. New employees need to take paid training programs and the company has an age criteria which is 21 years but this criteria can change depending on the state and position. Frequently opened positions are listed below:

Sales Associate: The positions major job is operating cash registers, answering clients questions. In order to do that; employees must know about products, sales policies and posses a friendly attitude. Also stocking shelves with products, cleaning of the stores are additional duties of sales associate. The company takes hiring process really seriously. Applicants must get through background, financial and criminal checks. Also applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs and be at least 21 years old to be a sales associate. This position requires flexible work hours. Applying to this position means accepting working in shifts sometimes during nights, weekends and holidays. Company does not look for experience; inexperienced sales associates start working with minimum wage but sales positions usually makes 9.50 dollars an hour.

Wine Consultant: as for sales associate, to become a wine consultant individuals also need to pass several background checks and to be able to working on foot and long hours. As a wine consultant one must have a strong knowledge about wines and its production since customers rely on and consult to wine consultants. Wines shelves; its cleaning and tidiness; are wine consultant’s responsibilities. Also this position commonly works in weekend, holidays and evening shifts. Beginner wage for wine consultants is 9 dollars an hour but depending on employees skills, work ethics it can grow into 40,000 to 50,000 dollars annually.

Manager In Training:  This position deals with daily operations and helps upper level managers with given assignments. Such as dealing with work schedules, handling the store, closing cash registers, closing deals with sellers. Unlike entry level jobs, managers in training work in full time. This position is usually temporary, managers-in-training eventually move up to the positions with full managerial duties. Managers-in-training make about 11 to 12 dollars an hour, way more than minimum wage.

How to Apply

Applicants must know that criminal, financial background checks and drug tests are mandatory for newcomers. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits cares about trust thus does not want to hire individuals with problematic pasts. Usage of tobacco and drug are not allowed for employees of the company. Although the company does not look for experience or related work history, experienced applicants may be one step ahead to get the job.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Wine Consultant, Manager Trainee, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply ABC Fine Wine And Spirits Jobs: visit Official Site.

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