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By applying Aaron’s you may join Aaron’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for Aaron’s job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Associate, Insurance Sales Agent, Service Vehicle Driver, Mechanic/Technician, Travel Counselor, Member Service Specialist, Branch Member Specialist, Branch Member Service Specialist, Claim Representative, Claims Team Manager, Trip Planner, Policy Service Specialist, Roadside Assistance Specialist, Call Center Customer Service Representative, Call Center Specialist, Insurance Service Representative, Member Service Consultant, Branch Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply AAA Jobs: Official Site

Career with Aaron’s

Aaron’s has more than 2000 stores in United States and Canada, thus it is a great place to work since it does not get affected by economic waves and continues to grow. Company has open positions  through the year but applicants must have friendly and positive attitude to get the job. For entry positions, company does not hold any age criteria, 18 and over applicant may apply, high school and college graduates can apply to these positions. Salesperson, delivery driver and service technician are some entry level positions.

Positions and Wages

Aaron’s is really generous about salaries and members earn generous pay rates for rental industry. To apply some positions, applicants must be 21 or older. Common entry level positions are listed below:

Customer Service Representative – this position’s duty is taking care of customer. In order to do this one must know how to store knowledge, sales, customer communication and build relationships with customer. If a customer wants to shop, customer service representatives put their information on the system to make special offers and agreements. Other than in person duties, representatives answer phones, write and send mails regularly and deal with order forms and references. This position earns 11 dollars for an hour.

Delivery Driver /Product Technician – Being delivery driver in Aaron’s means more than just driving and delivering. Thus the company sometimes title this position as product technician. Other than delivering, loading and unloading products, delivery drivers set up, show how to use products and solve problems. Also they are responsible from all product duties; including cleaning, operating controls and safety. Delivery drivers sometimes may need to answer service calls to go and repair or exchange merchandise. This position requires physical activity and strength most of the time, thus the applicant must be able to lift 50 pounds alone and 300 pounds with dolly. Since most of the job is about driving, applicant must have a valid driver’s license and clean license history. Also employees must take drug tests and criminal background investigations. This position makes 9 to 10 dollars for an hour.

Manager Trainee – to get one of the managerial positions, employees usually start at manager training position. This results in understanding future responsibilities and knowing what people want. Manager trainee’s first responsibility is working with costumers to create payment options, taking care of customer database by updating and organizing, handling, collecting payments and contacting with customer about late payments. Since the job is all about keeping in touch with the customer, applicants must have friendly attitude and strong communication skills. This position requires two years of college education or management work history and pays about 11 dollars for an hour.

How to Apply

The application holds on the company’s website. Firstly, applicants must create profiles with username and password. If you want to be one step ahead, do not forget to upload your resume aligned with desired position. After that, write a cover letter to explain suitability for the available position. Application also asks for past experiences and how to handle some hypothetical situations, take as much time as you need while applying and check it more than once to make sure you completed it correctly.”

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