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Being an off price-point discount retail chain, 99 Cents Only Stores sell products which are only for $1.00. 99 Cents Only Stores have more than 300 locations across the United States which enables it to have widespread popularity. This company operates in American Southwest which can be considered as highly populated. There are more than thousand employment opportunities which include both entry-level and managerial positions.

99 Cents Only Job Opportunities

Cleanliness, satisfaction, and accesibility are among the operations that 99 Cents Only provides companywide. Hiring stuff prefers the candidates who csn show that they are diligent, motivated, and courteous since these personal traits are essential to perform customer service. Morever, candidates are supposed to possess these traits to be anle to perform stock responsibilities since there are many common duties with customer service. It is possible for an entry-level employee to get promotion and rise up within the company. So, it means that it is possible for a cashier to get promoted into managerial roles. One important point is that employees are supposed to work flexible hours since there are varying shift options. This is even true for managerial positions.

99 Cents Only aims to provide customers with a unique experience which encompasses both the traditional business concepts and hypermarket store operations models. The wange of products sold in 99 Cents Only includes housewares, clothing, food, and miscellaneous items like party favors, children’s toys, and stationary. It is really probable for employees to shift between different departments when required. In a regular position, employees are expected to interact with general public and stocking product on merchandise shelves. During busy store hours, cashier duties may have to be shared among the employees. There are specific job duties which depend on the position.

99 Cents Only Stores Employment and Pay Scales

In order for individuals to gain employment at this chain, it is really essential to have legal authorization to work. At this store, employees are referred as 99ers. The chain offers both part-time and full-time job opportunities regularly. During the hiring process, availability, work ethics, and previous experience are among the things that are taken into account. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Cashier : This is an entry-level position offered by 99 Cents Only Stores. Cashiers are supposed to perform a great deal of customer interaction and assistance. Cashiers are expectded to ring up all 99 Cents Only Store purchases by using a computerized register system. Cashiers are mainly responsible for handling returns, stocking shelves, and openin or closing stores which depends on the shift. It can be said to be quite easy to gain employment in this position since there are not many hiring requirements that candidates are expected to meet. In that sense, it is really advantegous for first-time job seekers. For cashiers, it is quite significant to possess great communication skills, timeliness, availabiliy, and willingness to follow directions. As for the salary,  cashiers earn between $7.00 aand $9.00 per hour while it is possible to increase this amount to $10.00 or $11.00 per hour.

Sales Associate / Clerk : A sales associate is expected to perform the required duties and eventually contribute to overall retail operations. Employees working in this position should know that it is essential to interact with the customers and provide exceptional service. Sales associates are mainly responsible for handling customer inquiries, locating merchandise for patrons, and offering product recommendations. Moreover, a sales associate is also expected to perform cashier duties when required. Stocking inventory and maintaining store cleanliness are other duties that sales associates are responsible for. As for hiring requirements, there are only few qualifications and minimal formal education requirements that are expected to be met by candidates. It is really important for individuals to show strong communicstion skills, friendly  behaviours, and the ability to work as part of a team in order to gain employment at this chain. In addition, it is advantageous to have effective problem-solving skills and the ability to possess product knowledge and store information during the hiring process. Lastly, those who state that they can work flexible hours may gain preference during the hiring process. As for the salary, in the beginning sales associates earn between $7.25 and $8.25 while it is possible to increase this amount through experience.

Manager : 99 Cents Only Stores offer managerial job opportunities on a regular basis and they are looking for employees who believe themselves to be career-minded. Moreover, it hold great importance to be experienced. Managers are mainly responsible for performing supervisory and administrative functions. Managers are expected to hire, train, and develop entry-level workers. There are additional duties such as creating employee work schedules, tracking sales, ordering inventory, and ensuring worldwide customer satisfaction. As for hiring requirements, it is important to have formal education and several other qualifications. Managers are required to have high school diplomas or the equivalent. Moreover, it is essential to have prior work experience. Leadership, communication, and organizational skills are quite important to gain employment in managerial positions. During the hiring process, those who can work flexible hours are preferred. As for the salary, managers usually earn between $30.00 – $45.000 per year.

Open Positions; Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

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How to Apply 99 Cents Only Stores Jobs: Official Site.


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