99 Cents Only Stores Job Interview Tips

99 Cents Only Stores Interview Questions & Tips

Being a discount retail chain, 99 Cents Only Stores provides job opportunities to job seekers across Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. In order to gain hiring consideration from 99 Cents Only Stores, individuals, first of all, are required to pass job interview. About the job interview, it can be said that it is rather a traditional process for most applicants. The positions offered by the chain include cashier, stock associate, and customer service representative.

As for how the application process works, first of all job interview includes one-on-one interaction with a store manager. It is important to know that before the job interview, applicants are required to complete all the necessary employment forms. And then, they should bring them to the store that they are applying for. After the completed forms are evaluated by 99 Cent Only Stores,  those who are considered to be qualified are contacted. This process may take a single day but it is for sure that qualified applicants will be contacted in less than 2 weeks. In addition, there are additional stages of the hiring process which includes an orientation session and  probationary period before gaining employment in one of the positions.

As for the questions that are posed during the interview, 99 Cents Only Stores questions employee reliability. They are looking for employees who will be able to show up for work on time and dressed appropriately. Moreover, it is also advantageous to be able to work flexible shedules. Questions asked to the applicants usually revolve around finding more about their skills, work ethics, and attributes pertinent to the job. The hiring personnel may ask questions like “Can you please tell me about yourself?”, “What are your plans about this position?”, “What would be your strategies to make the customer return to the store?”

During the hiring process, it is really essential for applicants to show that they are honest and confident. While it is not necessaey to have long-term career plans with 99 Cents Only, it holds great importance to show that you are enthusiactic about the job. Moreover, another important point is to show that you are personally dedicated to that specific job. Working at 99 Cents Only Stores requirds great communication and customer skills since during the day, employees are expected to interact with everyday customers. In that case, it is really important to keep this communication clear and concise. In addition, body language is another factor playing a crucial role during the hiring process. It is suggested you maintain eye contact and proper posture during the hiring process of 99 Cents Only Stores.

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