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David Yurman Online Application

Found in 1980, David Yurman, is a still privately owned designer jewelry manufacturer. They manage to generate around $450 million annually and have received a number of accolades and honors during their lifetime of 35 years. They normally desire full-time employees with excellent craftsmanship and offer a package of around $54,000 for their product engineer and $68,000 for its supervisor or coordinator. They are committed to charity and it is part of both their mission and vision for the company. The workplace is exciting if you like designing and they provide greater compensation to employees as well.

By applying David Yurman you may join David Yurman’s family. At the same time you will be able to look for David Yurman job postings and apply to any notices you like.

Open Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply David Yurman Jobs: Search Job Openings or visit Official Site

About David Yurman

The Cable bracelet—a twisted helix adorned with finial gemstones—was David Yurman’s first celebrated design. Introduced in 1983, it was an immediate success, and remains to this day one of the world’s most beloved jewelry designs. From iconic Cable bracelets to new collections, these creations define effortless American luxury.

As both an artist and artisan, David Yurman is involved in the entire creative process, from initial sketch to finished piece. The finest precious metals, rare gemstones, and unconventional materials are fashioned by the world’s best craftspeople into jewelry of enduring quality and beauty.

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